Weekend Dancing and Cultural Celebration

Dancing and Culture Celebration at the 37th Annual Pow Wow of Champions in Tulsa

Native American culture is rich and colorful, and every now and then, there are opportunities for non-Native Americans to experience some of those tribal traditions. The 37th Annual Pow Wow of Champions will be taking place in Tulsa this weekend, continuing the long-standing tradition of sharing Native American cultural awareness with the public through live entertainment and dance.

Hosted by the Intertribal Indian Club of Tulsa (IICOT), the annual Pow Wow of Champions is a tribal dance competition, featuring beautiful clothes, music, and singing. Various songs and dances are performed by more than 300 dancers  in various categories. There will be Grand Entries, performed by the Eagle Staff, as well as the dignitaries and dancers.

Aside from the grand procession and dance competition, attendees can also explore different native arts and crafts booths. Various artwork, including handcrafted items and beadwork, will be available for purchase. There will also be delicious food, including the ever-popular Indian tacos.

The 37th Annual Pow Wow of Champions will be held from Friday, August 8, to Sunday, August 10, at the Oral Roberts University Mabee Center. Doors will open at 5pm on Friday and 11am on Saturday and Sunday. Dances will start at 6pm on Friday and 12pm on Saturday and Sunday.

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