The Color Run in Tulsa This Saturday

The Color Run in Tulsa This Saturday

Get ready to get wild this Saturday because The Color Run is coming to Tulsa!

Founded in March 2011, the Color Run is a special 5k event that promotes health and happiness in one colorful event, where runners get covered in various colorful powders along the route. Also known as the Happiest 5k on the Planet, it’s an event where everyone in the community is invited to participate, whether it’s racing or just cheering people on and having fun.

How does the Color Run Work?

Those who want to run must register early to reserve their spots in the race. Runners wear white t-shirts at the starting line and wait for the race to start. Once the race starts, there will be a blast of colors from head to toe, which will happen again at each kilometer. By the end of the race, each participant will be plastered in color, making it an extra festive and fun experience.

This year, the Color Run is adding a new experience to the race! The Shine Tour will be a glittery race where, aside from colors, Color Runners will also be showered with glitter. There will be special glittering attractions along the race plus photo op opportunities.

The Color Run is this Saturday, April 11, at Veteran’s Park in Tulsa. The starting-line window will be from 9am to 10am.

After a day of colorful fun, take it to the next level on Saturday night at Enso, Electric Circus, and IDL Ballroom because it’s ’80s Prom!!!! Don your favorite retro attire and head downtown. Tickets are $20 in advance.

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