Tatur Racing Features 2014 USATF Oklahoma Association 50 Miler Championship Race

Midnight madness is coming this 4th of July with a one-of-a-kind Tatur Racing event. The 2014 USAFT Oklahoma Association 50 Miler Championship Race is open to all members of the USA Track & Field and will require a variety of fitness challenges.

The event will feature five alternating loops of 10.3 miles. The race will start at 12:00 midnight on Friday and continue for 15 hours, ending at 3:00pm on Saturday. There will be a total of 51.5 miles in the course, and although roads for the course are flat, temperature and humidity can pose an additional challenge to the runners.

Finishers of the race will receive a finisher’s medal featuring two shades of blue, black and silver.

The race will be at the River Parks Trail System, and the cost is $80.00 per participant. Registration will take place before the race, and last-minute entries are accepted.

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