BIG Weekend of FUN!

What an exciting weekend of FUN! Tonight IDL Ballroom – Helicopter Showdown/RUN DMT/Panic!/Daven Treague The Official After Party Electric Circus – Toxic Tuesday Crew! Friday Enso Bar – Sway w/DJ Speed Bump & DEMKO Friday @Electric Circus – Darku J & Fresher Pryce (TX) Saturday Enso Bar – VINTAGE! w/DJ Moody <Yeah Boyeee!> Saturday Electric Circus…..

Enso Pix During BOOM! at Electric Circus__July 14, 2012

Photos taken at Enso by Joel Chan. For more photos from Enso and Boom! at Electric Circus, check them out on our Facebook page.

FREE Pizza Monday’s

MONDAY FREE Pizza Mondays! Every Monday 6-8pm we have free slices of Pie Hole Pizza for customers! Grab a slice with a cold brew or a delicious cocktail to celebrate making it through Monday!

Purple Pop Photos_July 2012

Purple Pop is hosted by Steve Cluck the first Friday of each month at Enso Bar. It’s a great night of Pop music! Photos by Joel Chan.

Wine & Cheese Gallery

Join Enso Monday – Friday from 5:30pm – 7:30pm for our Happy Hour Cheese/Cracker/Meat trays for only $5 for small and $10 for large trays!

Red, White and Sparkling!

Red Wines 14 Hands – Red Blend Firestone Discoveries – Cabernet Sauvignon Ringbolt – Cabernet Sauvignon Merryvale “Starmont” – Cabernet Sauvignon Argento – Malbec Arizona Stronghold – Mandala Chateau St. Michelle, Indian Wells – Merlot Charles Smith The Velvet Devil – Merlot Kim Crawford – Pinot Noir Rex Goliath – Pinot Noir Sonoma-Gutrer – Pinot Noir…..