Firefly Experience at PAC Gallery

Firefly Experience at PAC Gallery

If you’re craving warmer weather, you should check out the PAC Gallery this month down the street from Enso.  The “Firefly Experience” exhibit is filled with the sights and sounds of summer with 24 images of fireflies in a low lighting environment enhanced by the evening sounds of nature. The exhibit will transport you to summertime in an instant, when warm evenings are magically transformed by the flickering lights of fireflies.

The images on display are the work of award-winning Iowa photographer and cinematographer Radim Schreiber and Tulsa artist Bob Sober. They capture the light emitted by fireflies, which actually represents a very brief span of time in their lives of about two weeks, when male fireflies try to attract the attention of female fireflies through a display of bio-luminescence.

“When you realize that the lifespan of a firefly can be as long as two to three years, that makes this one thing we all know about these creatures even more special, in my mind,” Sober said.

Artist Radim Schreiber was born in the Czech Republic, but currently lives in the USA. He’s been taking photographs of insects and nature over 13 years. The idea for this project was born when he first moved to Iowa and was mesmerized by the abundance and brightness of fireflies during summer nights.

“I had never seen this amazing, magical dance of lights while growing up in the Czech Republic,” Schreiber wrote. “I started to daydream about capturing the images of glowing fireflies.”

The exhibit is on display through the end of March at the Tulsa PAC Gallery. Proceeds from the event will help fund temporary public art projects in downtown Tulsa organized by Urban Core Art Project. The exhibit will feature 21 of Schreiber’s images, along with three of Sober’s own macro photographs of fireflies that present these small insects in extreme size and detail.

“It turns out there are about 2,000 different species of firefly around the world,” Sober said. “They’re also surprisingly hairy little creatures, when seen up close.”

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