Downtown Tulsa to Convert One-Way Streets to Two-Way

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In response to continued revitalization in Downtown Tulsa, several one-way streets will soon be converted into two-way! The City of Tulsa has secured funds to implement the rehabilitation and expansion of several roads to help create more efficient traffic flow and maximized street use for cars.

The street conversion process will roll out in several phases. Here are a few of the sections that will be converted into two-way streets first: Fifth Street between Denver Avenue and Boulder Avenue; Boulder Avenue between First Street and Tenth Street; and Cheyenne Avenue between First Street and Tenth Street. Some roads will undergo rehab while others will be worked in other phases.

Not all roads in the downtown area will be converted. First and Second Street, Seventh and Eighth Street, and Detroit and Cincinnati will remain one-way.  So, the block surrounding Enso will remain the way it is, leaving us with less construction and more party!

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