Color Me Rad 5K Comes to Tulsa This Weekend

Color Me Rad 5K Comes to Tulsa This Weekend

Color Me Rad is coming to Tulsa this Saturday, and it’s going to be a day full of lots of fun, racing, and colorful scenery!

The Color Me Rad 5K is a unique racing event where runners get covered in colorful powder as they run the course. Runners start off with a clean white shirt, and the race begins with color bomb cannons that blast colors into the air.  Throughout the course, there are sections where color bombs and onlookers can throw colorful powder on participants as they run by.  By the time the runners are finished, their bodies and clothing have been transformed into colorful creations of blue, pink, yellow, purple, and green.

Those who wish to participate can still register for $40 per person, but registration ends on Thursday, March 27th, so time is limited. The entry fee includes a Rad t-shirt, sunglasses, Rad tattoo, color bombs, and loads of color blasting fun!

The Color Me Rad 5K will be held at Veteran’s Park at 1849 S Boulder Ave., Tulsa.

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