Blues Band Matuto Coming to Tulsa

Blues Band Matuto Coming to Tulsa

The sounds of blues and bluegrass music will soon be pouring out of the Tulsa Performing Arts Center because blues band, Matuto, is coming to Tulsa and hitting the stage this weekend.

Matuto is a New York City-based blues band that got together in 2009. Its first major gig was at the massive REC BEAT festival in Recife. Since then, the band has played the Chicago World Music Festival, The Blue Note Jazz Club, The Philadelphia Folk Festival, Ingenuity Fest Cleveland, LEAF Festival, and the Madison World Music Festival. Matutuo members include Clay Ross, Rob Curto, Richie Barshay, Mike Lavalle, Mazz Swift, and Ze Mauricio.

Matuto will be playing this Sunday, January 18, at the Tulsa Performing Arts Center, 110 East 2nd Street. The back to back shows will be at 2pm and 4pm. Afterward, walk down the block to Enso for a post-performance cocktail. If you’re feeling inspired musically, we will be hosting karaoke with Bekkah Scarlet that night starting at 10pm and open to everyone!

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