1964: The Tribute Beatles Show Coming to Tulsa

1964 The Tribute Beatles Show Coming to Tulsa

The 60’s are alive and here to stay! In 1964, the Beatles revolutionized the music industry with their unique sound and look that broke the mold of what existed up to that point. Over the next two decades, they had a great influence on both rock music, culture and fashion, and their presence is still felt and appreciated around the world to this day.

1964: The Tribute is a tribute band that pays homage to what many consider to be the best band of all time. The members of band not only cover Beatles songs, but also impersonate them by dressing and acting like them, providing an entertaining show for people of all ages. Rolling Stone magazine has hailed 1964: The Tribute as “The Best Beatles Tribute Ever.”

Beatles fans in Tulsa are in luck because 1964: The Tribute will be playing a show at Chapman Music Hall in the Tulsa Performing Arts Center this Friday, July 25. Tickets are still available, and the show starts at 8:00pm. Have a drink at Enso before or after the show – we are less than a block away and within easy walking distance of the venue.

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